Welcome to my blog! I feel so professional typing in this awesome 'text box' thingo that is to welcome viewers to my blog. Wait, are you viewers or readers? I don't know 'technical terms' obviously. Depends whether you're one of those people that actually take the time to read the words (readers) or if you're the type who just scrolls aimlessly over it (viewers). You're all great anyway. Like seriously if you're reading this I commend you greatly. Like seriously. Oh wow. I feel so professional. I mean my own blog is fairly cool, hey? Eh, not really seeing there's like a billion other blogs out there. But I'll make mine cool. Just you watch. It'll be cool. Not that I would really call all these random thoughts I am having and putting on a page for you to read very cool. But whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you for taking two minutes (or ten... depending on how fast you read. Personally I'd take like twenty.) to read/view/whatever my blog. You make me happy that you do because for some reason I take the time to do this. I'm going to be all very cliche now and say things like 'Tell your friends', 'Follow me', 'Keep reading' and 'I'll keep you up to date with the happenings in my thrilling life' etc etc etc.
Thank you, like seriously, much love,
Gabi xoxo (ooh do you like that little gossip girl sign off I added there?!) :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well, I must say, I am buggered and I have barely done anything all day long! I just fell asleep on a five minute car ride home (I wasn't driving... no need to fret!) and now I am sitting here trying to get my brain into actions and keep my eyelids from drooping over... and it's only 5.52PM!
And OMGOMGOMG I have FIVE whole followers! Yippee for me!!! And people have been commenting and such! It's so exciting reading comments! Thank you Richard for your advice/mini lecture, I shall try not to play with teenage boys emotions/hormones and will keep my innocence. Oh and to get the story straight... I did not not not not not not not definately (spelt right?) not go to third base with the confused boy who thinks we're getting married. I'm not giving him the wrong idea... Promise!
And to jasonmcgillan:
Thank you for you advice!
I shall
try to break
up my writing
more by
of line breaks
tons of times
and stuff :)
Ok, maybe that many times is slightly too excessive! But I'm loving the advice, keep it coming in, so I can become way less amateur at blogging/writing/spelling/grammar etc etc etc and start becoming quite pro for my five followers! I feel like a leader or a king or a queen or something saying "followers", not that my small number can really compare to those blogging giants who somehow seem to have a billion followers loving them and such... I shall get there one day!
Oh and I think I said in my post last night that I was going to put on another little blabby post later that night, sorry all I forgot! I got too consumed in my happy little place on the couch watching Sex and The City... twice in a row. It was great! But my laziness prevented me from pulling my mind out of a non-thinking place and getting on the computer and blogging away. Sorry!
Also while I am in this shouty-outy/"say thank you and sorry to everyone" mood I would like to publicly proclaim that I love my nanna. I'm sure, in her age and slight daftness, she has not yet discovered what the internet is, yet alone my awesome blog, but she is a pretty cool old lady and I'd like to be awesome grandchild to publicy proclaim it. So here I am saying... GO NAN!
Ok ok ok enough hello's/sorry's/thank you's/loving posts about my nanna and time for some excessive blabbing about nothing really worldy important :) Ooh no no no ok wait... before I get to my blabbing is there anything that anyone would like me to blab about? For instance... If you have a particular topic you would like me to give my lengthy yet quite professional (not really) opinion on then please feel free to tell me. No in fact, don't feel free, because I'm telling you right now to do it, just click that little comment button down below or wherever it is and say what this awesome topic is that you have in mind and if you don't have anything in mind, think of something. I'm not really forcing you to do it (yes I am) so this can't be considered peer pressure can it? haha :)
The countdown is on. (Building some suspense here!). There's only a few short hours to go. Only a few short hours until my freedom for another two months is gone. There is a grand total of (approx.) twenty two and a half hours until I will be back at boarding school, eating Spotless and finding out who I share a dorm with this term. I'm fretting quite a bit about who will be in my new dorm actually! (I shall not name names here but...) What if I get the know-it-all-about-sex (apparently), self-proclaimed drug addict. I mean I'm fairly sure she's not addicted to anything illegal but I know this girl that was in her dorm last term, and by the end of the term the blinds hadn't been opened once and the room had started to develop a dingy, "something-has-died-in-this-room" stentch. I smelt it once, it was not pleasent. Or what if I get the emo/witchcraft girl? Ah, now I'm not complaining about anybody elses beliefs or what makes them feel happy and comfortable but it's a tad worrying when someone keeps a red tool box locked up with things written in a big black Sharpie on the side such as "Angels falling from above, give me his blood," etc etc etc. I'm slightly freaked out by that and I'm pretty sure she's not just another avid Twighlight/vampire fan.
Hmm... who else could I get... there's always the posibility of getting the mental, crazy, unstoppable, "off-her-face-wild-wild-wild" girl! I love her to pieces, don't get me wrong, but there's always something slightly wrong about a girl who doesn't own a non-pink piece of clothing and is so easily amused by shiny material and flying objects. And it's not in a "Aww... cute." way. I could go on forver about the many options I may get in my dorm, the ditzy ditzy clutzy blonde, the over-emotional-musician, the "extreme, pumping it all the time, spend every spare minute in the gym, living off protein shakes, I love weights and ergos!" athlete or the "MUST-GET-A+'S-ON-EVERYTHING-STUDY-STUDY-STUDY" girl who for some absurd reason loves to study all the time but I reckon I shall stop here because, once again, dinner is calling! Wow... I always stop in the name of food. Hmm... This isn't a good sign.
I shall keep you updated soon on the status of my new dorm/coming back to school/etc etc etc but keep the comments rolling in and hopefully I shall obtain some more followers soon!
And don't forget to give your opinions and tell me what else I should talk about!!
Much love,
P.S. Mum is madly calling so I haven't had time to read over this I've just been madly typing, so early apologies for bad spelling/grammar/not-making-any-sense sentences etc. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh. My. God. YAY!

Ohhh yay! Hello dearest readers I'm feeling overly joyous at the moment as I log in to see I have FOUR followers already!! My my! I am proud of my work :) Thank you for you comments and advice, it's been really helpful, and thank you soooo much Liv! (And also to those who were confused about my 'innocent virgin' status, I am still as yet an 'innocent virgin' so that was probably a mis-reading or maybe (most likely) a mis-typing from me. I shall defiantly update you if this status is EVER to change!).
Ok enough over-excitement and thankings from me, time to get blogging. I'm not sure if you find this weird but I certainly do, tonight, the last Saturday night of the holidays I have chosen to sit pretty much alone at home (if you disclude my siblings who are also at home with me) in the comfort of my ugg boots with comfort food nearby and many movies (courtesy of the local video-ezy to which I owe plenty of money in late fee's haha)... Mmm... Bliss. But the weird bit is I've chosen to do this over go out to an eighteenth tonight!! The last Saturday night of the holidays! Gabi, what the hell is wrong with you!!!!! Ah well... no amount of the tempting funsies that will be defiantly going on at that party tonight, for some reason, will get me out of my uggies and away from my food/TV. I've officially become the laziest person I know. Apart from my sister, who, (putting in some soppy sisterly love here) is 100% gorgeous and defiantly got the pretty/skinny/smart genes in the family who is one of those people that can eat ANYTHING and stay pretty/skinny/smart. For example, on this fine Saturday I decided to have morning tea with her and we bought some overly delicious doughnuts. I stuffed my face (it'll all come back to me in a day or so... I can tell) and she stuffed hers yet she proudly proclaimed while consuming the last scrummy doughnut, "Ok, I am officially going on a diet as of after finishing off this doughnut!" I laughed. For ages. But dam her for her pretty/skinny/smart genes and ability in the doughnut eating department! Ok enough whinging (spellcheck that... is that even a word?) about sisters/doughnuts/sisters eating doughnuts.
Oh. My. God. I have (I calculated it... You know, being the smart person I am and all) forty six hours until I am back at boarding school. Good old boarding school, where my parents decided to send me a mere five years ago (almost) as an innocent little eleven year old (slightly harsh, huh?). My school is pretty much a non-magical Hogwarts and instead of professors that make magic, we have regular teachers that schedule way too many detentions, and instead of Bertie Bots Every Flavour Jellybeans (or whatever it is...), we get SPOTLESS CATERING. I don't want to publicly complain about such a huge catering company in case I get sued or something considering I'm just an innocent little girl who does not want to kick up a fuss, but seriously if you've ever had Spotless you will understand the pain I endure as a regular consumer.
But anyway... I tell you, fear not! I shall still blog a lot and I can guarantee they shall get a lot more thrilling as I blab blab blab about all the boarding school happenings, hook-ups, break-ups, bitchiness, lovingness, the gossip in the gym (the gym seems to be "the place to be" at the moment) and my personal and very important (ha) opinion on all of it!
Sorry I could not blab more in this blog, like I would really love to, but dinner is calling me! And if you're in the mood for a read, I'm in the mood for a blab and giving my opinion on many things right now (mainly boys etc etc etc) so I reckon later tonight I might post something new again!!
And thank you all of my four followers... Ok to you reading it four may sound small but right now its HUGE HUGE HUGE to me! Thank youuuuuu :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boys and Their Odd Texting Habbits :)

Hmm... 8 hours later and nobody has yet "followed me", "commented me" or done any of that jazz. Disappointed. Majorly. But maybe it's just because this blog thing takes a while to start off? Dam it people! Read my blog! Sorry... I'm a feeling a little droopy/grumpy as I have just woken up at 12.30PM on Friday morning/afternoon/whatever and I was awokened by my incredibly loud and annoying little brother (six years old, cutest/most annoying thing alive) who persisted to throw toys at my head until I heaved myself out of bed. So after being so positive about my blogging last night/very very early this morning I reckoned I should update it as soon as I got up, what's the point in updating if nobody is reading! Don't worry I'll get this thing started soon.
But enough of my extreme complaining, I've been awake for nearly twenty minutes and I've already had enough of boys. First my little brother. Then I go out to check my phone and BAM! I got six texts overnight. Not too bad, it would be nice if they were all from different people. But oh no, five are from the same seriously confused little boy who is convinced we are getting married in near future and we shall have a grand life being rich and what not and having many children and many houses and many boats and yachts and planes and helicopters and servents and whatever else he has dreamt up in his little mind. Ah well... these are what the texts read:
10:30PM - "Are you still busy my love? xxx"
(I told him I was busy and couldn't talk to him. Truth be told I was actually on the couch bored out of my brains at that time.)
10:51PM - "Can I call already? xxx"
11:09PM - "Aww... Has Gabi gone to sleep? :( xxx"
(No. I was still up at that time. Ignoring my phone and him.)
11:14PM - "If you want to talk I can call now or go to bed? xxx"
11:36PM - "Ah well seems your too busy or didn't want to talk so I'll go to bed now. Good night my love xxx"
HE JUST NEVER QUITS. Maybe I should just marry him as he has planned and be rich and all? Because he truely is a daddy's boy who gets anything he wants, whenever he wants. At the mere age of 16, he has his own boat. Lucky boy. No, Gabi, don't think like that. It would be immoral to marry someone for the life they could give you, not for them. Hmm... But then again...
Ok enough thinking out loud. Would it be thinking out loud because it's not really loud when your writing it? Actually in my case it is because this huge big fat keyboard makes intense clinking and clunking sounds ever time I press a key! ANYWAY...
The sixth text I recieved over night... Well technically it wasn't "overnight", because it was at 7:42AM but for me it was overnight because I was still in my sleepy slumber.
7:42AM - "THIS IS YOUR 7.42 WAKE UP CALL! get up you lazy shit :P xx"
Well gee, thanks for that. But hahahaha my phone is on silent so I slept a further five hours! Wooo! This text was sent by a very close friend of mine who happens to think we're more than friends. Ok, I may have gone to third base with him just recently but it was more like ... I don't know... a stress release thing I suppose having just gotten out of boarding school. Haha. What a lame excuse I have. Either way, he thinks we're a couple. I think not. As the story goes last Friday night I went a bit crazy at a friend's sweet sixteenth and hooked up with a few different guys a few times. And thank god, all of them saw it as a "caught up in the moment, just did it because I could, it doesn't even mean anything" scenerio. Thank god. Apart from him who has persisted to persue our relationship. I'm not saying I mind (he's hot, I can't complain), I'm just saying he needs to realise that giving me 7:42AM wake up calls is not going to win me over.
End of little blabby story about my life.


Hello hello!! If you're reading this whoever you are, wherever you are, I'm very happy that you are. Because that means I haven't sat up wasting an hour at 1am on a Thursday night/Friday morning/whatever. Wow. I just realised I'm up at 1am... writing a blog, by myself. Wow. That really sucks for me. ANYWAY... Considering this is my very first ever post (YAY for me!) I should probably tell you what you will be reading more of in upcoming blogs/posts/whatever you call them etc etc etc (basically, just what you're in for. keep reading. do it).
Starbucks, Saturdays and Sex. Good stuff. I really like Starbucks, like it tastes good and it kind of makes you look sophisticated and nearly famous when your holding a big fat (or skinny) latte with a lovely green Starbucks symbol on the side. Even if you look like a total train wreck after a large night out, dumping, emotional moment, etc. you still look fairly darn cool holding a yummy thing of Starbucks. And Saturdays... Mmm I love Saturdays. Look there's not much need for explanation here. It's the day you sleep in, have a big fat brekky and then go out and basically it's the day that fixes up and compensates (spellcheck that one for me please) for all the shitty days during the week because your teachers are fuck faces (Are you allowed to swear on a blog? I do. A lot. So the blog will just have to deal with it.). Or you could've had a really good week and Saturday is just the icing on the cake/cherry on top/etc, either way Saturdays make it to the title of my blog because they are awesome and I pretty much love them. And thirdly to make it to my title is 'Sex'. As you've probably realised all things mentioned in the title of my blog are things I love, and I'm not saying I don't "love" sex, I just don't know whether I love sex yet. Hands up who's a virgin? (My hand is up.) But considering I have a blog now, you'll probably be the first to know when I lose my V-Plates but currently I'm just an innocent little virgin teenager (Ew. I hate that word.). I actually just put the word "sex" in there because it sounds pretty cool and sophisticated when all the words start with the same letter. What's that called? And also, people like hearing about sex, admit it, you do. And if you don't, keep reading anyway.
But, fear not, my blog shall not just be all about Starbucks, Saturdays and sex. Because honestly, if I posted a blog about every Starbucks I had it would get a little repetitive and boring. So I shall put other stuff in here too! Like the annoying, troubling, ridiculously gorgeous men (or boys, to be more precise) in my life. Everyone likes hearing about other peoples love lives (or lack of), I know I do. And boarding school bitchiness/lovingness/etc. And just general bitchiness/lovingness/etc on everything. In other words you'll just be reading a whole load of my thoughts and opinions on things that don't even really apply to anything important in the first place. You'll love it, trust me. And if you don't love it, read it anyway, learn to love it and find other people (regardless of whether they'd love it or not) to read it to. And just so you know, I'm not a writer and I don't intend to be so don't criticise my lack of writing technique :)
Wow. It's quarter past two IN THE MORNING. I swear I'm like nocturnal. Actually probably not considering this is the first time I reckon I've stayed up this late alone all by myself. But that also means that I've spent at least a good hour writing this blog (an incredible effort for me I must say) so to reward my awesome efforts you must now "follow" my blog or whatever the go is on that and just basically read it all the time, ok? Deal? And (getting all cliche here) tell your friends to read it too and if you don't have friends tell a random on the street and if you don't get out much email/Facebook/MySpace/Twitter/etc etc etc (whatever form of internet communication you participate in) someone about it and if you don't have any of that jazz then go outside, sit on your roof and scream at the top of your lungs "READ THIS BLOG. ITS COOL." Sounds like a plan? I reckon :)
Well my eyes are getting droopy and my head kind of hurts from so much thinking/writing/typing/doing etc etc etc so good night to all. Check back here tomorrow or sometime soon because I really think I'm getting into this blog thing and I'll be writing more compelling stuff soon.

Nighty night (or morning), much love, Gabi :)

P.S. I reckon this blog thing is set on a different time zone because I know it's not 8.27AM unless I am a very confused person which I think I am not.
P.S.S Please comment/critisise/love me/ask many questions/all that jazz. That would be very nice. Thank you :)